Thursday, 27 February 2014

Who Am I?

Lovely lovely technology. Holding our gaze hostage, debilitating our interpersonal skills, and making us dependent on it's omnipotent presence. I'm blogging from the sanctity of the bath. It's been a long flu-y day.

I have though decided to do a post because I'm flirting, albeit tentatively with the prospect of doing a new batch of t-shirts, following the relative success of the last lot. I'm still undecided about the whole thing, as I'm yet to stumble across an idea that I both like and other people enjoy, quite as much as tea and biscuits.
Having said that I thought I'd tap into an idea that would go down quite well for a summer release, with a fair bit of tweaking. I loaded an image to my Facebook page last night but here's a bit more content of my latest foray.

The pun may go over your head if you've no knowledge of Reggae or Dancehall, but hope you enjoy either way. 

Let me know what you think, till next time.

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