Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lip Sync: Chatter Project

Our course director, Birgitta Hosea assigned us a brief to record a piece of everyday, throw-away bits of conversation, sort of like all the nonsensical things people say during a conversation where both parties are speaking but not listening. We then had to lip sync a humanoid character, on a plain background, speaking then blinking, as it will eventually be part of an exhibition where the videos from all the students will be played on a loop.

So basically I thought of a sentence, used the vocal stylings of Miss Hannah Lau-Walker, and then put the thing together on an X-Sheet to figure out what the main sounds were and how the mouth shapes would be used.

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I started creating a character in Flash after a quick sketch, and acted out the sentence myself to get an idea for the key positions. I used the instances method for the mouth shapes rather than swapping symbols, as I heard it was a bit more efficient was of doing things, and I was very short on time. The whole thing was done over a weekend ... and that's pretty much my process.


Week 17_Lip Sync (personal)_Chatter_Flame Retardant from Karl Lawson on Vimeo.

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