Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Technical difficulties

It's been some time since I last posted, but even longer since finishing Sundae Afternoon however, there's something I meant to get stuck in to which has been bugging me. I'm sure any animators can appreciate the madness of an After Effects or Premiere edit near a deadline. The necessity to finish a brief might take your eagle eye off a small technical hitch that will come back later and bite you on your arse.

Eagle-Eyed Viewer

Well, I found mine. Not to bore you all, but I exported my footage in separate layers, with an Alpha Channel as a PNG sequence. The point of this spiel is that one of my layers (the boy) was one frame out of sync, so he overlaps on every cut. Very noticeable on a projector, which is rather concerning so I've managed to source the rogue file and make a new edit which I should be able to export over the next few days. Hopefully the gaffe is only noticeable to me because I've seen the film so often, but who knows.

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