Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Forgetful Intern

Time to update this thing, as promised. I've had 6 days of interning, so far, at Sparkle. I'm working on a 7-minute short film, called 'The Tortoise'. It's an adaptation of a well-known Portuguese story, about a man who finds a tortoise in the forest one day.

The character is fun to work with, which is important in my opinion, especially when inbetweening. We're working with Flash CS5, which hasn't been fiddly at all, for me.

Today has been my best day so far, I've been doing the character's shadow, having inbetweened the keys, and breakdowns.

The hardest thing for me was getting familiar with staring at a computer again. Sounds silly, but especially when its not your own work, you need the discipline to sit, stare and draw for long periods of time.

I'll write a concluding piece on Friday, on my train journey to Southampton. Til then, mi gaan.
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