Monday, 12 September 2011

The opportune moment

It's fair to say it's been an odd week. I've been a bit under the weather and didn't leave the house much, to get over the cold.
Somehow, two opportunities came out of thin air. 1st was an internship at Not To Scale. I was recommended by a friend from CSM.
They're working on an After Effects/Photoshop based project... right up my street. I sent over my reel, got a call back. They liked my stuff. Pretty much all done, but they suddenly realised they had no work space, and my lack of a laptop scuppered the deal.
*desktop still FTW
Secondly, I asked Van Susans if I could use one if their tracks on my reel, to which they obliged and went on to suggest I consider doing some music videoy stuff for them too, possibly on one of my fave songs atm *check my account if you don't believe me* Hoping to meet up with them this week and discuss.

So laying in bed drinking honey and lemon and being financially wreckless on Football Manager, as Man Citeh, cos it's fun, had brought about relative rewards. Nothing decided yet but it's cool to know my work is seemingly worth looking at.

Watch out for when I'm back to normal! :P
Till next time, take care.

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